GunSenseUs will end its independent operations in March of 2023. Although our commitment to ending gun violence remains, we have concluded that our efforts will be more effective in the service of a larger organization with greater resources than ours. While our work is unfinished, we are proud of what we have been able to accomplish with donor and volunteer support.

Our advocacy arm has been active, including:

  • Multiple annual meetings and correspondence with state legislators, our US Congressperson and US Senators
  • Formulating a PA Firearm Safety Training Prior to First Purchase bills which have been filed in two consecutive legislative sessions
  • Creating non-partisan Voter Guides based on the responses of the candidates
  • Working with other gun violence prevention organizations to show up en masse in Harrisburg and in local county areas

At the same, our educational arm has been busy:

  • Holding multiple meetings to build bridges of understanding between gun owners and non-owners
  • Getting leaders from community and hospital based intervention/prevention groups to present their efforts and results in virtual events
  • Setting up tables at events throughout Chester County to discuss gun safety while handing out universal cable locks for free and demonstrating the ease of opening a coded pistol safe
  • Building a social media following on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to promote GunSenseUs and to enlist support for gun violence prevention legislation.
  • Translating and distributing our literature into Spanish for the large Hispanic population in the area
  • Speaking about the effects of gun violence in community events

Because we have enough funds to conclude our unfinished work, we have disabled the Donate button on the website and will not be accepting any further donations. Any funds remaining after we conclude operations will be donated to an aligned non-profit, some of which are listed below. We encourage those who have been generous with us to offer your support and contributions to one or more of those groups.

In the meantime, our work continues. In particular, we will be participating in the Souls Shot: Portraits of Victims of Gun Violence at Neuman University from February 3 until March 30, 2023. Please stay tuned for more information on that event.

Gun Violence Prevention Resource List

Open GVP Resources as PDF for Download

Building Consensus For Gun Sense


Since you’re here,  you’re probably concerned about gun injury and death in the U.S. So are we. Perhaps you think something needs to change.  So do we.

While you want change, you know there are diverse opinions. That’s for sure.

You’d like to talk about it, but you don’t want to get into an argument. We get it… who does? 

You need a place to learn, have thoughtful discussion and take action. Here we are!

 GunSenseUs is an all volunteer, non partisan, non-profit organization working to reduce gun injury and death in the U.S.

We aren’t “anti gun.” We recognize there are many responsible gun owners who have legitimate reasons for wanting to own guns. In fact, we have gun owners involved throughout our organization. We learn a lot from them.

People who don’t own guns also have a right to an opinion on these issues. After all, the presence of guns in our communities affects everyone.

How Do We Move Forward?

We bring together people who are concerned about gun violence — those who would never own guns and those who enjoy owning them — to explore areas of agreement — consensus.

There is consensus between gun owners and non-owners on several potential policy changes. We are advocating for three of them, our B.E.T. agenda, outlined below.

To learn more about the B.E.T. agenda, click here.  Spread the word! There ARE areas of agreement for change to reduce gun injury and death… Now it’s time for our elected officials to act! Ask them to support B.E.T.!

Scott Charles, Trauma Outreach Coordinator for Temple University Hospital addressed the GunSenseUs membership.
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