A Message From Carmen Lobis

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Building Consensus For Gun Sense


Since you’re here,  you’re probably interested in the issue of gun violence in the U.S. So are we.

Perhaps you think something needs to change.  So do we.

While you want change, you know there are diverse opinions. That’s for sure.

You’d like to talk about it, but you don’t want to get into an argument. We get it… who does? 

Is there a place to learn, have thoughtful discussion and possibly take action?  Yup. You’re looking at it.

Sound good?  Then read on…


We’re GunSenseUs (formerly Gun Sense Chester County) — an all volunteer, non partisan, non profit organization that’s working to reduce gun violence in the U.S.

We aren’t “anti gun.” We recognize there are many responsible gun owners who have legitimate reasons for wanting to own guns. In fact, we have gun owners involved throughout our organization. We learn a lot from them.

We also think people who don’t own guns have a right to an opinion on these issues. After all, the presence of guns in our communities affects everyone.

How Do We Move Forward?

We bring together people with diverse views and experiences — those who would never own guns and those who enjoy owning them — to explore areas of agreement, consensus.

Believe it or not, even as you read this, there is consensus between those who don’t own guns and those who do on several major gun-related policy areas.

Wow. Who knew? Hard to come across that information with all that yelling going on.

So, if you want to:

  • Learn about gun violence and gun regulation
  • Engage with others to learn differing points of view
  • Explore how to implement actions based on areas of agreement, creating a path to more peaceful communities

…join us!  Membership is free. All we need is your email address and some basic information.  Just click here to get to our membership form. Not ready to join quite yet?  Consider donating! Financial support is always welcome.

No one says achieving this change is going to be easy, but it is important.

No change will occur if we all just sit back and feel hopeless. Every voice counts.

Give us a try. We look forward to hearing what you think.