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GunSenseUs collectively grieves for the pain the Black community is experiencing and strongly support efforts towards systemic change so that Black people are able to feel and be safe in all corners of the country.

Gun violence is one of the many issues that disproportionately affect the Black community. As we continue to work toward our goal of reducing gun injury and death, we will continue to educate ourselves on the issues of gun violence in all communities and advance education and action that will include support for violence reduction in Black communities.


Building Consensus For Gun Sense


Since you’re here,  you’re probably concerned about gun injury and death in the U.S. So are we. Perhaps you think something needs to change.  So do we.

While you want change, you know there are diverse opinions. That’s for sure.

You’d like to talk about it, but you don’t want to get into an argument. We get it… who does? 

You need a place to learn, have thoughtful discussion and take action. Here we are!

 GunSenseUs (formerly Gun Sense Chester County – PA) is an all volunteer, non partisan, non-profit organization working to reduce gun injury and death in the U.S.

We aren’t “anti gun.” We recognize there are many responsible gun owners who have legitimate reasons for wanting to own guns. In fact, we have gun owners involved throughout our organization. We learn a lot from them.

People who don’t own guns also have a right to an opinion on these issues. After all, the presence of guns in our communities affects everyone.

How Do We Move Forward?

We bring together people who are concerned about gun violence — those who would never own guns and those who enjoy owning them — to explore areas of agreement — consensus.

There is consensus between gun owners and non-owners on several potential policy changes. We are advocating for three of them, our B.E.T. agenda, outlined below.

To learn more about the B.E.T. agenda, click here.  Spread the word! There ARE areas of agreement for change to reduce gun injury and death… Now it’s time for our elected officials to act! Ask them to support B.E.T.!