Sadly, here is yet another story of an improperly secured gun leading to tragic consequences for a family. In Portland Press Herald, 12/29/16

Maine State Police and Sanford police are investigating the shooting death of Portland Press Herald columnist M.D. Harmon at his home Wednesday afternoon in Sanford.

Police say Michael D. Harmon, 71, died at his home on Brunelle Avenue after a handgun he was showing to a teenage boy went off while the 16-year-old was handling it.

M.D. Harmon worked for the Portland newspapers for 41 years before retiring in 2011. Harmon, shown at top left in 1972 when he was named city editor, continued to write an opinion column for Portland Press Herald until the time of his death Wednesday in a shooting at his home.

Harmon, a steadfast defender of gun rights and a champion of conservative viewpoints, was a longtime editor and columnist for the Press Herald/Maine Sunday Telegram. …

read more at Portland Press Herald

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