While we have long been concerned about the National Rifle Association’s advocacy, during the past week they have taken things to an entirely new level.

While attending the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre and the NRA launched a “counter-resistance..” The NRA is threatening violence against citizen dissenters — “the violent left.” This rhetoric essentially lays the groundwork for armed conflict within the U.S. based on differences in political philosophy.

Please take a moment to watch the Feb. 20 promotional video.

Here is a video of LaPierre’s full speech posted Feb. 24.

The CCCPGV is dedicated to working toward common sense gun control in a non-partisan fashion. However, we believe it is important to “call out” dangerous rhetoric about the deployment of guns no matter what political viewpoint is under attack.

This Feb. 24 blog post by Coalition StopGun Violence provides additional coverage of the event.

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