[We hope that this man is okay but we found it ironic that an NRA staff member participating in NRA-sponsored firearms training at the NRA headquarters accidentally shot himself. It just proves the point that guns have the potential to injure and kill people. Even people who have been trained to use them are still at risk.]

by Greg Hadley, McClatchy D.C. Bureau, philly.com, 4/8/17

Fairfax County, Virginia, police announced Friday that a 46-year-old man has suffered a minor injury and is undergoing medical treatment after he accidentally shot himself with a pistol at the headquarters of the National Rifle Association.

In its daily recap of incidents and crimes on Friday, the police department reported the accidental discharge took place at around 3:30 p.m. in the National Firearms Museum, which is based in the NRA’s Fairfax, Virginia, headquarters.

According to police, the man, an employee, was participating in firearms training at the shooting range located in the museum when he attempted to holster his pistol. As he did so, the weapon accidentally fired, injuring the man’s lower body.

read more at philly.com

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