Beyond the typical tragic litany of gun violence victims this weekend, two other headlines appeared.  The first was a story about a Florida man driving down the highway shooting an AK-47 at other cars.

One other driver was injured, thankfully not seriously. Another car was also hit by the gunfire.

FL Man Shoots AK 47 While On Highway

The other headline was a Pennsylvania man being arrested at the Trump International Hotel in Washington D.C. after law enforcement officials reportedly found a Bushmaster AR-15 assault-style gun and dozens of rounds of ammunition in his vehicle.

Authorities said officers acted on a tip and saw the weapon in plain view in the vehicle, which the driver had turned over the hotel valet. Police said a Glock 23 was also found in the glove box, with 90 rounds of ammunition.

Man Arrested for AR-15 at Trump D.C. Hotel

Clearly, some of our citizens are finding uses for semi-automatic assault style rifles beyond visiting the target range or hunting. Where will you see one next?

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