Gun Sense Chester County members were pleased to join a sister gun sense group, Delaware County United for Sensible Gun Policy, for a National Gun Violence Awareness Day rally in Media on Friday night. The event was standing room only, and was attended by people young and old, of diverse ethnicity, activists and elected officials, pastors and poets.

The hundreds of orange clad participants then walked through the streets of Media. During our stroll, several teenage boys asked what types of things we stood for. We talked about wanting universal background checks before gun purchase and keeping guns out of schools (unless carried by trained law enforcement.)  One of the young men said, “That makes sense.”

Surveys show that over 70% of all Americans agree, that does indeed make sense.

Tragedy’s Shadow

Just why we came together for this event was tragically demonstrated when the Chester Mayor Thaddeus Kirkland spoke of spending the early hours of the day with the grieving family of the City’s latest gun fatality, Zion Abdullah.

Zion, 16 years old, was shot at 7:50 a.m. on his way to school.  There were three other shooting incidents that same day.

Remarkably, Mayor Kirkland noted that it is easier for young people in his community to get a gun than a dictionary.

Philadelphia Inquirer, Chester Shootings

Gun violence is a large, complex issue. It requires thoughtful analysis, respectful conversation and committed cooperation among diverse groups.

The young man’s comment at the Media rally, “That makes sense,” echoes what we hear as we speak with ever more Chester County residents.

This gives us confidence that we can find a path forward together… recognizing that all citizens, gun owning and non gun owning, Republican and Democrat, young and old, can find a way forward together… reducing gun violence while also recognizing all citizen’s rights,

To paraphrase The Beatles, we need to, “come together, right now. ” We hope you will join us. It’s easily done… simply email us at

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