Having conversations to share differing viewpoints on guns in our society is not easy.

If you need any reminder why it’s important for us to continue the work to reduce gun violence, please read the impactful story in the June 9 Washington Post: 12 Seconds of Gunfire

One startling statistic… “Beginning with Columbine 18 years ago, more than 135,000 students attending at least 164 primary or secondary schools have experienced a shooting on campus, (Based on Washington Post analysis of online archives, state enrollment figures and news stories.)

One photo contained in the story powerfully conveys the tragedy… it’s of a young girl clinging to the inside of a window on the school bus that is taking her away from the scene of a fatal shooting. She is obviously in great distress.

The point of the story is that for these children there is no “taking them away…” the horror of the event lives with them forever.

Most of us feel distress when we hear of gun violence tragedies, particularly those at schools. As the adults… it’s up to us to translate those feelings into action.  THIS is why we keep talking, researching, and seeking to move forward on a path to reduce gun violence.


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