We are very glad that the Congressmen and their security detail will be okay, following the shooting in Alexandria, VA by a man using an assault rifle and handgun. However, statistics show that it’s likely 93 other Americans will be killed by a gun today.  Almost twice that will be injured.

Even though the Congressmen will recover physically, some may suffer symptoms of post traumatic stress, which happens for many people who have been exposed to gun violence.

Tired of seeing these stories? Wondering how to make a change?

Gun violence prevention is a large and complex challenge. However, surveys consistently show there is significant existing common ground across gun owners and non gun owners alike.

This includes straight forward  items such as have a background check completed before every gun purchase.

Gun Sense Chester County is working to:

  • Educate our fellow citizens about current gun regulation and gun violence prevention;
  • Promote thoughtful dialogue to help our communities decide the appropriate path forward; and,
  • Encourage our elected officials to put in place regulations that already enjoy widespread support.

We were pleased to be with members of the Kennett Square community on Wednesday night and have an additional event in West Chester on Thursday, June 15.

  • Thursday, June 15 at 7:15 p.m. in West Chester, at Grove United Methodist Church, 490 W. Boot Road.  This workshop will help participants learn “Tips & Tactics for Engaging Elected Officials.”

Can’t make a meeting? Get on our mailing list by contacting us by email:


We CAN get to a better place around gun violence in the U.S.

YOU can help.  Please get in touch today.

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