Gun Sense Chester County is dismayed and appalled by the tragic shooting of Congressmen and Capitol Hill Security officers in Alexandria Virginia earlier this week. Gun Sense fervently hopes for a speedy recovery for all.  This is an unfortunate example of the gun violence that occurs across our nation on a daily basis.

It is not news that we are in a very polarized political environment. Gun Sense believes our leaders can rise above the recurring pattern of rhetorical dart throwing to thoughtfully consider what might constitute a better path forward. Perhaps this event can lead to a calmer, more productive discussion about vital issues such as gun violence prevention.

Gun Sense Chester County believes substantial common ground already exists on key aspects of gun regulation and gun violence prevention. This common ground includes a significant majority of gun owners and non gun owners alike. It covers items such as:

  • Pre-purchase background check for all types of guns
  • Requiring licensing for concealed carry of guns, and
  • Continuing to have gun free school zones.

In the aftermath of the Alexandria shooting, some political figures have commented about reaching for “Common Ground” with statements like, “We must find a Common Ground way to discuss these key issues as a responsibility to our citizens”. We agree.

Finding “Common Ground” is a focal point and mission for Gun Sense Chester County. Identified areas of likely agreement will be developed, researched, presented to legislators and be communicated to the public for educational purposes.

Gun Sense Chester County welcomes all citizens, gun owners and non gun owners alike, to join in a respectful dialogue about the presence of guns in our society and ways to reduce the level of gun violence. Gun Sense operates in a nonpartisan manner and incorporates diverse viewpoints. Please consider joining. To do so, contact:

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