Dear Friends,

We are heartbroken by the tragedy of a gun homicide involving Bianca Nikol Roberson, a beautiful 18-year old girl who recently graduated from West Chester’s Rustin HIgh School.

Daily Local News: Road Rage Shooting

While driving in West Goshen Township,  Bianca was shot and killed by another motorist, apparently as part of a road rage incident.

It is human nature to try to rationalize why this would never happen to us or one of our loved ones.

In our own effort to make meaning of this, our initial thought was to urge people to choose behaviors that would de-escalate potential conflict; to remain calm and back away when anger or aggression is directed at you. We must remember there is always a reasonable possibility others are carrying a loaded gun.

However, sending this message might imply that Bianca did something wrong or for some reason “deserved it”, which is a deplorable thought.

Our prayers are with Bianca’s family.

Perhaps we also need to be praying for our society — a culture that is undergoing significant changes. One in which we need to evaluate every situation as a potential source of gun violence. A tragic day for many reasons.


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