Thank you to the Philadelphia Inquirer who checked in with our Congressmen and Senators to see where they stand on several gun regulation issues following the Las Vegas shootings. You will likely find it interesting reading.

Inquirer Reporting on Current PA Congressmen, Senator Gun Regulation Positions

The charts below show the key data.

We are hearing that key leaders in Congress are trying to avoid banning “bump stocks”, the item that was readily and inexpensively purchased to convert semi-automatic rifles into rifles simulating automatic weapons, and used to deadly effect in Las Vegas.

Wow.  We would suggest a ban on bump stocks should be the MINIMUM change that is made.

America — How Many More must die before we have a serious conversation about common sense gun regulation… regulation that all of us can live with.

If you have not already joined us, do it now. Email:

Help us let our elected officials this DOES matter to us and we WANT CHANGE.

Source:  Philadelphia Inquirer, Oct. 12, 2017.

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