It has been a tough day following the terrible news of yet another school shooting.
Of course, our hearts go out to the students and affected families.  Many of us want to know what more concrete action we can take.  Here are a few suggestions:
1. Contact your elected officials.  Say you are deeply concerned about gun violence and you expect positive action. Say you will be watching their voting record on this issue.
2. Speak with your friends and loved ones.  Encourage them to get educated about gun violence and gun regulation. Ask them to consider what they think is a sensible path forward.  Invite them to our March 3 event.
They can find information about state and federal bills here:  
Gun Sense Chester County is always happy to present to any interested group, for free. 
3. Get involved.  We are working to build influence by expanding our membership. 
We plan to attend local community events across the county this spring and summer. Can you suggest an event or fair that we might attend? Please send us your suggestions.
Would you be willing to spend an hour or two passing out literature? Please let us know.
Open to hosting a “coffee and conversation” in your home? We’d be happy to attend and lead a discussion.  
Step by step, together, we will make progress.