Addressing “Assault” Weapons

 The February 2018 Parkland Florida school tragedy and fall 2017 shootings at Sutherland Springs, TX and Las Vegas highlight the tragic, recurring use of semi-automatic “assault style” rifles in mass shootings. Clearly, this is disturbing.

There are diverse proposals on how to eliminate mass shootings. These include increasing the minimum age for ownership of certain types of guns, limiting high capacity magazines, and banning certain firearms.

We are closely monitoring these proposals. As a group committed to “consensus,” we are listening to the diverse views of our members. We are also following trends within the US population.

We believe strong action is necessary. We also believe in seeking an approach that addresses the problem and will be sustainable, reflecting broad support. (The 1994 assault weapons ban included a ten-year expiration date. It was not renewed in 2004.)

When we have identified a path that will achieve these goals, we will communicate specific information.