Are you concerned and appalled at the gun violence that happens in our communities and nation? Consider joining GunSenseUs! All you need to do is complete and submit the form below.

We work with State and Federal elected officials who are elected by Chester County residents to promote balanced consideration of both gun owner and non gun owner rights, and to support bills that will reduce gun violence. Or, as we like to say, “Let’s find a balance we can all live with.”

There is no fee to be a member. We do request that you consider a “free will” donation as a sign of your commitment to the cause. Click HERE to donate.

Once you join, you will receive legislative and organizational updates, and periodic Calls to Action — opportunities to contact elected officials and express your views on specific bills. We send no more than one email every week to 10 days.

We also run every other month educational events so you can learn more about the issues surrounding gun violence and gun laws.

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