Many of us like to believe that Chester County does not suffer from gun violence. That, sadly, is not true. These are statistics from the Chester County Coroner’s office:

During 2018:

  • 35 Gun suicides
  • 8 Gun homicides

These statistics reflect only gun deaths. There are other incidents where people are injured, or terrorized, by the use of firearms.

Can You Be Safe in Your Own Yard?

We have also increasingly been hearing from homeowners whose use of their private property is being inhibited due to hunting or target shooting in close proximity.  When one homeowner expressed concern about firearm hunting activity on her adjacent neighbor’s property, she was told, “Well, stay inside.”

When she contacted the police, the responding officer said, “I’m not going into those woods, I might get shot.”

We know the vast majority of hunters and sportsmen are very responsible, thoughtful, gun owners. However, due to the potential for accidents involving serious injury or possibly death, the concerns of private property owners whose use of their own land is being limited must be taken seriously.