One of our major goals is to educate individuals about gun violence, gun law and where there is consensus upon which we can build.

This page contains a variety of educational resources. Please feel free to review, use, and share with others.

Which Gun Policies Work? Where Do Experts Agree?

This document summarizes findings from the 2018 RAND Report on the effectiveness of gun policies and a survey of experts to find common ground to find policies we might focus on.


Where Is there Common Ground Between those Who Do, and Do Not, Own Guns?


What Are the Gun Laws in PA?

This document summarizes how one can purchase, and carry, a gun in Pennsylvania.

An Overview of Gun Purchase and Carry in Pennsylvania_2_19

How Does the PA Legislative Process Work?

There are many steps for a bill to get filed, go through committee, get voted on, and get signed into law. This handout summarizes key elements of the process.


What About the Second Amendment?

This summarizes some of the history around the Second Amendment and discusses the role of more recent US Supreme Court decisions in determining how we regulate guns.


Keeping Guns from Those Who Should Not Have Them

Given the recent theft from a firearms dealer in Frazer, PA, we were curious how many firearms are reported stolen from dealers each year.  This newsletter from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms provides some insights.