Many people ask us, “What can I do?”

There are many things! Here are some examples.

1. Get Educated.

Making thoughtful decisions about what you’d like to see relative to gun violence and gun regulation begins with understanding the issues.  Much of the work of GunSenseUs is to help educate people.  Some of the topics you might explore include:

  • Understanding what’s behind gun violence statistics (Suicide, Crime, Domestic Violence, Unintentional Shootings)
  • Knowing current gun regulation (How does one purchase a gun? Where can one carry a gun? What kinds of guns are available for purchase?)
  • Learning the differing views of the intent of the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution

2. Form Thoughtful Opinions

You may already be clear on your opinions about gun violence prevention and gun regulation. Or, you may want to learn more and understand other people’s perspectives before you decide what you think. GunSenseUs provides forums where people with diverse views and backgrounds can have respectful conversations — so each person can make an informed decision, and possibly understand, if not agree, with others.

3. Take Action

Here are a few ways to do this:

  • Join GunSenseUs You’ll join a community of people interested in thoughtful exploration of these important issues. You’ll receive legislative updates and invitations to educational meetings and other events. It’s all free! (See our “Join” tab.)
  • Be aware of proposed legislation and contact your elected officials to express your opinion. (See our “Legislation” tab for updates.)
  • Educate others about gun violence, gun regulation and proposed legislation. Consider inviting friends to GunSenseUs meetings, or holding an “in home” coffee where a GunSenseUs representative provides some education and facilitates a discussion.
  • Meet with elected officials. It’s always more effective to talk with elected officials in person. If you’re willing, we’ll provide suggested talking points and support in the form of a GunSenseUs Board member to attend with you.
  • Volunteer.  We can always use help, whether in a one time role or providing ongoing support.  Email us at to express your interest.
  • Donate.  While we are all volunteer, we do have expenses. Donations help us keep moving forward. Click to donate.
  • Examine your investments. Some people like to express their viewpoints by supporting, or avoiding, firms that participate in certain activities. The website  can help identify if a mutual fund invests in gun and ammunition manufacturers and retailers.

Gun violence and the presence of guns in our communities is an issue that effects all of us.  We encourage you to get educated and get involved.

Any questions? Ready to sign up to help? Email us at